• The Mission:

    High-end Quality Limited Pieces

  • The Vision:

    Timeless Fashion Tailored to Perfection


We are a slow fashion brand that believes in avant-garde, refreshing and inspired designs which address the aesthetic and pragmatic values of today, while embracing the timeless values of handcrafted quality and elegance. We value timeless fashion & vintage styles.

We respect traditional craft & strive to protect our natural world as much as we can. 

Slow Fashion?

 Each garment is made on request only, to ensure minimum waste. Our Fabric for each design is purchased for a limited number of pieces to ensure no waste and totally exclusivity!!

  All our pieces are consciously crafted and designed in South Africa.

creative director


The brand was born of the designer’s passionate desire to create unique garments that would make women feel confident, elegant, comfortable and stylish on every occasion. Each garment is a love story in its own right, bringing back the nostalgia of old-School style and the romance of timeless fashion. You’ll feel this passion and lust for life expressed in every lovingly designed, cut and stitched piece, every whisper of fabric and every caress of the garment on your skin.

The Vision: Timeless Fashion Tailored to Perfection

Our designer was born into the heady and dazzling world of fashion and style through the influence of her mother, who was her constant source of inspiration as she grew. She was a formidable, creative women with a strong eye for colour, who was drawn to the magical beauty of classic style. Her love of fashion and everything fashionable sparked the designer’s passion from a very early age, and by the time she was 16, she knew without any doubt, that being a fashion and interior designer was her greatest desire in life.

She embarked on intensive study in several fields, completing numerous courses including one on graphic design, and a course on couture tailoring at the legendary Central St. Martins, as well as other online courses through this prestigious institution. After completing her internship with renowned designers who inspired her on a whole new level, she began designing her own collection.

High-end Quality Limited Pieces

Travel has always been hugely inspirational to her own design vision, as well as meeting and mixing with creative people from around the globe, which allowed her to absorb the essence and style of different cultures and places. These experiences intensified her belief in the value of timeless fashion, slowly and lovingly crafted, evoking the elegance of another era. Today, HARHAZ Fashion Collection reflects this passion for creating beautiful, timeless and unique fashion. With very limited pieces available for each design, each garment is made on request only, to ensure minimum waste. For total exclusivity, indulge in their “made to measure” service for garments as unique as you are.