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Arabic Calligraphy Tablecloth Meaning Goodness

  • R 2,500.00
Product details:
  • Available in 100% Linen-look polyester or 100% Linen
  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not tumble dry


  • Please note our 100% Linen Tablecloths take between 3-4 weeks to process.
  • The image above features our 100% Linen-look Polyester.
  • Highest graded polyester. Holds its shape well and is non-shrinkable. 
  • It is easy to wash & maintain compared to 100% Linen.

 Showcase your Unique creativity with this Arabic calligraphy Design.

Editor’s Note

Express your identity in a meaningful way with our selection of exquisite, exclusive HARHAZ original-design, Arabic Calligraphy tablecloths. Each tablecloth design is unique and expresses a greater cultural meaning than a mere addition to your home décor. Available in black, beige and royal blue with beige, and fabricated from linen-look polyester for longer wear and easy laundering, you can be sure your table will be dressed to perfection.

This detailed Arabic tablecloth is also available in 100% linen

A little description of our printed linens

Linen is a timeless fabric & loved for its irregular and natural look. Due to its textured rough surface and our manufacturing process, developed to relax and soften the fabric, your tablecloth and napkins may have some small white spots and areas of fading on the printed surface, which is characteristic of our technique. These irregularities are completely normal and make each item truly unique.